Covid-19 and Client Care Policy Document

13th July 2020

This document shows our current policy to help protect our practitioners and clients attending for treatments at 7 Hall Dene Close, Guildford from Covid-19. We have followed Public Health England and NICE guidelines in accordance with government recommendations which are necessarily subject to review and updating to meet current legislation.

Working areas
Areas identified for the use of all those working and attending our clinic include entering via a side gate and then into the single clinic room cabin in the garden.

Risk Assessment & Management
We recognise that although we cannot eliminate the risk of Covid-19, we will periodically assess and review the risks to all those using our facilities. All practicable measure will be adopted to help reduce the risk of transferring Covid-19 in accordance with government recommendations.

Our Covid-19 Policy document and latest risk assessment will be published and available to anyone using our premises at 7 Hall Dene Close.

Clear Signs and Guidelines
Protocols for hand washing, cleaning rotas, Covid-19 Policy document, and Latest Risk Assessment will all be clearly displayed at our premises.

Equipment and other PPE Supplies
We will ensure sufficient stock of all necessary materials to comply with hygiene and other Covid-19 safety guidelines will be maintained and made available to those occupying our premises.

Client Care
  • All clients seeking treatment will be required to sign an online Declaration stating they are not currently suffering any Covid-19 symptoms; are not currently sharing a household with anyone suffering symptoms; and if they have contracted Covid-19, that they have been asymptomatic for at least 14 days. The declaration must be signed no more than 24 hours before their appointment and clients must also agree to notifying Muscle Works Sports Massage if they display any symptoms associated with Covid-19, before during, or after their appointment.
  • We will contact any clients who may be deemed ?at risk? under Covid-19 guidelines before their appointment.
  • Practitioners and clients will wear disposable masks (provided) during contact periods of all treatment sessions.
  • Practitioners will wear a new disposable plastic apron for each treatment.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers will be available for use in all clinics.
  • Adequate time will be allowed between treatments to cleanse all work surfaces and contact areas using antiseptic wipes.
  • Practitioners will thoroughly wash hands following guidelines displayed in wash areas between treatments.
  • A plastic container will be provided for clients to place any items of clothing removed during treatment. The container will be thoroughly cleaned between treatments

Please note that we would prefer payments to be made via bank transfer until further notice. Bank details can be given on request.

Keeping our Workplace Clean
We will:
  • Carry out cleaning of objects and surfaces that are touched regularly, such as door handles and keyboards, couches, bottles, etc, between treatments and making sure there are adequate disposal arrangements.
  • Keep windows open in all work areas whenever possible.
  • Before the start of every day that the clinic is in use, we will clear workspaces and belongings and
  • Clean all objects and surfaces as described above, remove, and dispose of all waste according to government guidelines.
  • Carry out frequent extensive cleaning of all work area floors, equipment, and work surfaces no less than once a week, and more as deemed necessary.
  • Cleaning records will be clearly displayed in all areas.