Terms & Conditions

Muscle Works Sports Massage Terms & Conditions

Updated 22nd March 2021

Whilst we appreciate that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone's life, in order to be fair to all of our clients and out of a consideration for your therapist's time, we have adopted the following policies: -

Please make sure that you have read and fully understand these terms and conditions before you book a treatment with us. 

General Terms & Condtions
  • Lyndsay Haslehurst & Muscle Works Sports Massage ('I', 'me', 'my', 'we', 'us' or 'our') is not responsible for articles or items and reserves to right to refuse of discontinue treatment for any reason
  • We reserve the right to change guidelines, terms, conditions, opening hours or pricing at any time by providing reasonable notice of such a change
  • All appointments are payable either on booking or at time of appointment
  • Payment for treatments can be done on the day or your treatment by BACS or cash, or in advance online through my online booking system using Stripe. BACS is the preferred payment method.
  • Under 18's will need to have parental supervision and written consent

  • We require a minimum of 24 hours' advance notice if you need to cancel or reschedule and appointment, in which case you will not be charged
  • If the minimum notice is not given, you will be charge 100% of the treatment fee
  • This cancellation fee may be waived at our discretion
  • The cancellation fee must be paid within 7 days of the cancellation
  • Please ensure you contact us by telephone, not SMS or Email, to either cancel or reschedule appointments
  • Clients who either forget or consciously choose to forgo their appointment without providing the required minimum notice will be considered a 'no-show' and will be charged the full amount for their 'missed' appointment. Please note that future services may be denied until payment is received.
  • If a client is experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or has knowingly come into contact with someone with Covid-19 symptoms within two weeks prior to the treatment, the client must cancel their session with immediate effect and the cancellation fee will be waived
  • We have the right to cancel a treatment by giving 24 hours notice
  • We have the right to cancel a treatment without notice if the room or environment is unsuitable for the treatment to be provided, or if the therapist is taken ill
  • We have the right to cancel a treatment without notice if the client is intoxicated or inebriated
  • We commit to rearranging treatments to a new time and date within two weeks of the cancelled treatment where possible

Late Arrivals
  • Appointment times have been arranged specifically for you. If you arrive late for your scheduled appointment, your session may be shortened in order to accommodate others whose appointments follow yours.
  • Depending upon how late you arrive, your therapist will then determine if there is enough time remaining to start a treatment.
  • Regardless of the length of the treatment actually given, you will be responsible for the 'full' session, however we will do our best to satisfy the scheduled time.

Our commitment to our clients
  • All treatments provided by us will last for the specified duration purchased. i.e. a 60 minute treatment will last 60 minutes.
  • All clients must complete a consultation form prior to treatment and this will be discussed as part of their first treatment session
  • Treatments will only be conducted if we deems the treatment safe for the client to receive
  • GP/Consultant permission may be required before treatments can be provided

Inappropriate Behaviour
  • We have the right to terminate a treatment immediately if the client demonstrates inappropriate or sexual behaviour
  • Payment will be collected for the full treatment price, provided more than 10 minutes has been spent massaging the client
  • If the therapist is unable to collect money before leaving, an invoice will be sent to the client's address
  • All invoices must be paid within 7 days of issue date

  • We will not be liable for any financial loss or loss of personal possessions, as a result of, or in connection with the provision of services to you
  • We will not be liable for any damage that may be caused as a result of your failure to disclose medical details that may, for example, make treatment inappropriate

By following these simple guidelines the risk of any potential adverse physical and or allergic reactions to treatment will be greatly reduced.

Suitability of sports massage treatment:
Sports Massage is for relief of aches and pains and muscular tension, it does not diagnose illness, injury or physical or mental disorder or prescribe medical treatment. It is not physiotherapy. I will always be honest and open with you if it is not appropriate for you to have a sports massage treatment with myself and will always try to refer to a suitable healthcare professional.

There are some potential contraindications to having a massage treatment, this will be discussed on your first appointment, or if this occurs later in a course of treatment, then it will be re-evaluated and you will be informed if it is no longer appropriate to continue with your treatment.

Massage treatments are NOT a substitute for medical examination or medical care. You must honour all existing and future medical practitioner appointments. It is NOT appropriate to stop any course of medication or treatment as prescribed by your GP or other healthcare professional without first discussing this with them.
Any therapy or treatment provided should not be used in place of conventional medical care.

Always consult your GP or a healthcare professional for medical attention and advice.

The Treatment
First Appointment - Your first appointment will include an initial consultation and assessment, which may include a postural assessment, range of movement testing, muscle strength testing and test for ligament, tendon and meniscus damage. Due to this your treatment time during the first appointment may be shorter, however, assessment is important to be able to treat the cause as well as the symptoms.

Clients are covered with towels during treatment and only the area being massaged is exposed. If you have any further questions about appropriate clothing to wear during your massage please ask before attending.

What to expect after treatment
It is normal for you to feel some muscle soreness, aching and on occasion some localised bruising as a result of deep tissue massage therapy to the (skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments), and this will pass as part of the recovery process.

Our promise to you
We will always be honest and open with you if it is not appropriate for you to have a sports massage treatment or other therapies

Treatment Records & Privacy
  • You are agreeing to my information being kept on file, securely and confidentially and in the understanding that it shall not be passed onto or read by any third parties, unless previous consent has been sought and provided, for the purposes of referral to another professional/organisation
  • You are agreeing to provide accurate and up to date information in regard to any changes to ongoing medical treatments as these changes may negatively affect my massage treatments in some way
  • Client treatment details will not be discussed with anyone other than the client unless the client is under the age of 18 or has a care worker or guardian
  • Consultations will only be discussed with the client unless the client is under the age of 18 or has a care worker or guardian
  • All clients must complete a consultation form prior to receiving treatments with us
  • By signing the consultation form, clients are giving us permission to hold records and data about them in accordance with our privacy policy

Insurance and Ethics
  • I am a member of the Sports Therapy Association and follows their code of conduct
  • I am fully insured by Balens Insurance

Feedback Forms
  • Feedback forms will be sent to clients at our discretion
  • Content may be used in publicity material and on the website, with the permission of the author

Complaints Procedure
  • If a client wishes to make a complaint about Muscle Works Sports Massage this must be emailed to the following email address: - lyndsay@mwsm.co.uk
  • Complaints must include the date and location of the incident, the full name of the complainant, details of the complaint and a desired outcome following the complaint
  • All complaints will be very seriously and a response will be provided within 28 days

These terms and conditions are for the benefit of you the client, and your Massage Therapist and form part of your Aftercare advice.

I understand that any therapies I may undertake are done so voluntarily on the understanding that I have read and abide by the Terms and Conditions as set out above.

By booking and attending a treatment, it is taken as proof that you have read, understood and agree by the Terms and Conditions as described.